All in ISSUE 3 MAY 2016

Can Undies Change The World?

With ethical fashion week having recently passed, you might be re-thinking what you wear. One company, Mighty Good Undies, is changing the clothing production landscape from the bottom up (sorry not sorry for the pun). Nina De La Cruz spoke to Founder Hannah Paris about how to achieve ethical production and how their Mighty Good Undies are changing the conversation about conventional cotton supply.

Winter is coming

Welcome to Issue 3 of Kindlings! It's May and in Australia, winter's coming... Game of Thrones references aside, it's important to think about the wider impact of the cold. The homeless are affected more deeply by a lack of shelter and warm clothing. We tend to use more energy heating up our homes and workplaces. A change in season is a good chance to look within and reconsider our own behaviours.