Mindfulness: Work in Progress

To go-getters and people caught up in this fast-pace world, mindfulness can seem like a airy-fairy concept. But as I pass my one-year milestone in the corporate sector, I am beginning to see how mindfulness is helping me to surrender the need to "do shit" and create a happier and more productive version of myself.

Why you NEED to watch War on Waste

Australia waste is increasing by nearly 8% and you're probably a part of it.

When you first consider how much waste you might be responsible for, it can be pretty confronting, but that doesn't mean changing your impact is to be difficult. The War on Waste just started, and we highly recommend it as vital education on how to practically reduce waste, no matter who you are.

Plant based Rice Balls (Onigiri)

This year I decided to save my lunch money packing by myself a lunch. So I decided to play around in the kitchen and create my own plant based rice balls, or onigiri. Find our recipe here!

The search engine that plants trees

Google has quickly become a necessity in the everyday life of the western world. But what if there are other great search engine options out there? And what if some of those options might just be a little bit better for the world?