Kindlings FAQ

Kindlings FAQ

For this month's Kindlings ASK, we put together a little video to answer some questions you might have about Kindlings . 



Q1 What is Kindlings?

Kindlings is an online community magazine. we’re focused on ethical issues, social topics and news. But we're also a bit more than that. We're also a community ezine, connecting readers and writers from all across the world. Kindlings is made to inspire people to make a positive contribution during their time on earth.


Q2 Why are you doing this?

We started Kindlings because we found that people our age wanted to make a positive difference in the world, but weren't sure how to go about it - ourselves included.

We also wanted a source that could educate us about the issues we care about, and found there wasn't anything out there that quite catered to that. So we decided we should go ahead and make it happen.


Q3 Can I contribute?

Yep -  We want everyone to be a part of Kindlings and we are always on the lookout for both casual and regular contributors.

So if you have something to say, go to our website. Find the ‘Be a Kindling’ button and fill in a form. You can submit anything from an idea, to a full article, or even just a topic you want covered and we’ll be in contact with you to get it published!


Q4 What’s in a name?

We chose the name Kindlings as it both refers to making the world a kinder place AND the kindling that's used to start a fire- that translates to helping our community to turn values into actions that make a difference.


Q5 What content does Kindlings cover?

Our content is broken into 10 categories:

VOTE takes a look at companies, projects and individuals making positive contributions to social and environmental causes. Readers can vote for their favourite each month.

LIVE is where we get a bit deep- we cover personal stories, life hacks, mental health, philosophy and values.

INQUIRE goes behind the news, presenting current issues to help readers develop informed opinions about what's going on.

ACT looks at less talk and more action! We cover events and simple ways you can make changes from how to recycle to starting a protest.

INNOVATE is a collection of innovative ideas or products that are creating positive social or environmental impact.

LIKE covers awesome things that we simply want to share with our community from life-changing TED talks to great resources we’ve found that we think you should know about!

RELATE covers social discussion about how we can better relate to one another from advice about difficult situations to great communities you can join.

CREATE covers everything from ethical recipes to artwork to DIY Eco friendly projects.

ASK is the Kindlings equivalent to Aunt Agony -  ask a question you want answered and we’ll do our best to help you out.

SAY is the Kindlings Editors’ letter where we drop in and give you an update on what’s going on this month.


Got another question? ASK us!  

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