We've Come So Far

We've Come So Far

Do you ever feel like time gets skewed and one month seems like three? For us, we’ve definitely felt that - so much has happened in our first month of Kindlings, so we thought we’d give you all the goss, as well as what you should look out for in Issue 2!

Read it on Apple News

We launched on Apple News!

If you haven’t heard, Kindlings is on Apple News, and you can add us to your favourites if that’s how you like to keep up to date! We’re so excited that Apple is letting us put up our content there, even though the platform is still in Beta testing. Even better, you can sort through articles by category just like you can on our website. We’re over the moon about it, and even though we only posted our first article there a week and a half ago, we managed to get over 300 unique hits on our article about presidential candidates who aren’t Donald Trump/Drumpf.


And in just two days we received over 560 reads of our KindlingsRELATE piece on Apple News!


Who’s reading Kindlings?

Another exciting piece of news  is that although we’re based in Australia, we’re connecting with plenty of Kindlings from across the world. We definitely want Kindlings to have an international reach, we want our community to be diverse, and to us it’s a dream come true - Check out the graph below!


Our first batch of new contributors!

We’ve been lucky enough to add some fresh new voices to the mix this month, so look out for new Kindlings and their pieces. If you want to write, take photos or videos or pitch a piece to us, jump over to our contributor’s kit to learn how.


Love for Kindlings

We’ve had some wonderful support over the last month, and so many of you have shown your love for this magazine - we cannot thank you enough!

Thank you to all 641 of our Kindlings who connect with us via social media (209 Instagram mates, 234 Twitter birdies and the 198 Facebook faces). If you’ve got a friend who you know would love Kindlings, link them your favourite article!

We were also profiled by ethical fashion guru Yatu Widders Hunt in a piece explaining all about why we started Kindlings and what we’re hoping to achieve.


So what’s on for Issue 2?

We’ve got some great pieces in the pipeline, and there’s some juicy content to sink your teeth into! Some of our features this month include how you can befriend a refugee, a 101 crash course on how to be kind and a few articles that look at how we use violent and negative language. For all you foodies out there, our Kindlings LIKE has a focus on all things food featuring a community food program, coffee and food truck making a difference.

Finally, we're opening up our ASK category to your burning questions, be it a difficult situation you want advice on, or if you've got a burning ethical question you want answered. Got a question for the next Kindlings ASK? Drop us a line!


Kat & Nina

Editors of Kindlings.co

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