Can Undies Change The World?

Can Undies Change The World?

With ethical fashion week having recently passed, you might be re-thinking what you wear. One company, Mighty Good Undies, is changing the clothing production landscape from the bottom up (sorry not sorry for the pun). Nina De La Cruz spoke to Founder Hannah Paris about how to achieve ethical production and how their Mighty Good Undies are changing the conversation about conventional cotton supply.

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You're changing the conversation about conventional cotton supply - what three things you want everyone to know about ethical clothing?

HP: Three things I would like everyone to know are:

Cotton Farm Workers in India

1. The textiles industry is the second most polluting on earth. For example consulting firm McKinsey has estimated that if all the pollution from cotton was factored into its price, the price would rise by about 500%!

2. The low price we pay for cotton encourages child labour - for example about ¼ of cotton farm workers in India are children under 14.

3. Since 2012, over 1200 people have died in fires in garment factories.

What steps did you have to take to ensure your process and production would be ethical?

HP: Our supply chain is fully certified under the Fairtrade Labelling Organisation Cotton Standard (FLO) and the Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS) - together considered the ‘gold standard’ in global ethical textiles production.  Readers are probably familiar with the FLO system through their Fairtrade Certified tea or coffee. GOTS does essentially the same thing, but with textiles once the cotton leaves the farm, and ensures the highest ethical and environmental standards in the factories.

We are a big supporter of ethically certified supply chains because certification requires third party assessment. We, and our customers, don't have to rely on the word of suppliers half way around the world. We have hard evidence that the highest available ethical and sustainable practices are being practised.

If you are successful, what impact do you see yourselves having on the clothing industry?

HP: Our core aim is to prove that ethical textile production is both possible, profitable, accessible and wanted by consumers. We are wanting to be the start of a true Fashion Revolution in Australia whereby people ask for ethically produced textiles as a matter of course - and that they are available and affordable to all sorts of people.



You want to take your undies to the Berlin Ethical Fashion Show through your campaign - which retailers are you hoping to connect with to stock your undies?

HP: At this stage, any and all retailers. Our aim is to get our brand out there and known by as many people as possible. In the longer run, we want to be stocked in large retailers so that we can scale up production. Only by scaling up production can we drive down costs and make organic and Fairtrade cotton even more affordable!


Want to prove that ethical production is possible? Switch your undies!

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