Get ready for Steptember

Get ready for Steptember

September is Steptember and that means stepping up and supporting those with Cerebral Palsy. 



Did you know the average office worker takes only 3000 steps a day? The Cerebral Palsy Alliance is asking you to ditch the Netflix and get fit by taking 10,000 steps for 28 days in September 2016.


How does it work? 

You'll need to sign up as a team of 3 or 4, which is great because you'll automatically have a squad to keep you motivated throughout the challenge.

Once you've registered you can opt to receive a pedometer in the mail. (As it's getting pretty close to September now so you might need to get your fit bit or phone out to start tracking).

Because Cerebral Palsy affects movement, Steptember is encouraging all kinds of alternate activities, so you don't have to count steps- you could also set yourself another activity goal, such as daily swimming or cycling.

Here at Kindlings, we're stepping up with a daily yoga goal!  

Before you even begin you can start asking your friends and family to sponsor you. If you'd like to sponsor us instead you can donate by clicking here!

What are we raising money for? 

The funds are being raised to support children and adults living with cerebral palsy, by providing them with life changing equipment and services. Alternatively you can choose for your funds to support vital research into the prevention and treatment of cerebral palsy.

You can find out more about Steptember in their online FAQ here.


Want to Step up too?

Click here to sign up!  

Or if it all sounds like far too much effort, support the Kindlings team from the comfort of your couch by donating to Steptember 2016. 

Kat is a design engineering student and yoga-lover. In her spare time you can find her singing and dancing like no one is watching or cuddled up on the couch reading with her rabbit, Cedric.

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