Ways to choose kindness

Ways to choose kindness

The core value of Kindlings is to make a difference in the world. So what is one of the simplest choices to make a difference these days? Be kind. 

But what does that mean in everyday life, in practice? Here are a few ways I believe it is important to be kind each day.


Be Kind to the Earth

Be aware of your footprint on this world.

Take small steps each day to minimise your impact on the environment – whether it be recycling, composting, switching to pesticide-free foods, or even just cutting 1 minute off your shower time. You don't need to get fancy, become a raw vegan yogi with bamboo clothing overnight or throw out all of your possessions. Little shifts are enough to make a big difference overall.


Be Kind to Animals

Treat animals with respect. 

You may choose to abstain from animal products. Or if you choose to consume animal products, ensure that your products come from a small-scale sustainable operation where quality of life is higher than large commercial farming operations.

Don't overlook your pet's wellbeing, either. Feed them high quality food that is appropriate for their species. Exercise them regularly, and engage in play and affection with them daily.


Be Kind to Others

An often overlooked kindness – treat everyone with kindness. 

Even the ones that make you angry deserve kindness. No good has ever come of a Facebook brawl! You can choose to walk away from unnecessary arguments, and save your energy on inspiring others instead. 

Be kind to the check-out girl, the barista, even the homeless man on the street. We all started out the same way, as helpless little babies. We all have done what we need to survive – and some have met more misfortune than others.


Be Kind to Your Body

Exercise to strengthen, not to punish. Eat to nourish both your body and soul, not to starve and deprive or binge and punish. Enjoy sex as an expression of pleasure and love instead of seeing it as a chore. This is the vessel that you will travel in for the rest of your lifetime, and it will serve you well if you show it kindness.


Be Kind to Your Mind

Feed your brain positivity and inspiration. So much of the world's media today is fire and brimstone and fighting with one another – turn it off. Remove the drama queens from your newsfeed. Read books written by the people who you look up to. Fill your mind with inspiring stories, adventurous tales, wisdom of the ages and pure love.


Be Kind to Your Spirit

Do whatever it is you need to fulfill your spiritual needs. For some, that might be going to church. For others it might be worshipping at the altar of nature, or meditating daily. Do what you need to fill your own spiritual cup.

Incorporate whatever it is that you are passionate about into your life. Whether you make it into a career, or simply a hobby you spend a few hours a week on, spend time on activities that make you feel vibrant and alive. A life without passion is no life at all.


So, how can you be kinder today?


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