Contributor's kit

This page contains resources to help you become a Kindling contributor!

Ready... set...

Who can be a contributor?

Anyone! And it doesn't have to be writing - Kindlings is a hub of all things good: ideas, recipes, projects, photos, videos! 

What can I write about?

With our 10 categories, there is a lot to choose from. Before you jump into an article, try to keep the Kindlings mission in mind: Kindlings is an online community magazine made to inspire people to make a positive contribution during their time on Earth.

A couple of things we are not

  • We are not a craft magazine
  • We are not a women's fashion advice magazine
  • We do not support gossip and click bait frivolity

What does this mean for me?
 This doesn't mean we don't feature crafts and recipes, nor does it mean we don't discuss personal women's issues, fashion or cat videos- in fact we do! All it means is that when contributing, we urge our writers to remember that our aim is to promote positive social and environmental impact. 



At Kindlings, our content falls into 6 categories. You can find a brief description of each category below to help you figure out where your idea fits best!


Less talk, more action! This is a place for fellow Kindlings to find ways they can make a difference and, you know, DO SOMETHING! 

It could be anything from an eco recipes, an upcycled DIY project or ways to get involved in volunteering groups. 


Let's get deep! This is where Kindlings DNM, covering:                                               
stories | personal experiences | life hacks | mental health | philosophy | values


Kindlings goes behind the news, presenting current issues to help readers develop informed opinions.


With the constant advancements in science and technology, let's use innovation for good. This is our collection of innovative ideas and products for positive social or environmental impact.


From one Kindling to another - We're here to answer the tricky ones. Got a question?As an asker, you have the right to provide an alias or remain anonymous. 

Alternatively, if you have a particular speciality, interest, or experience and would like to answer a fellow Kindling's question, apply to be a contributor, and let us know how you can help our community out.


Writing style guide

Download the Kindlings style guide here. We still absolutely want you to use your own creativity, voice and personal twist; The style guide will help you with items like tone, grammar, and helps to keep Kindlings content consistent.  Read it before you write your first article, and use it to proofread your article before you send it through.


I want to contribute but I don't know what to write about!

Do you love to write but have trouble coming up with ideas? Become a general writer for Kindlings and we can send you some prompts that might inspire you! Drop us a line and let us know if you have any preference to write for a particular category. 

I'm not a professional photographer but I'm an insta-addict, can I submit my images?

Of course! We are always looking for images to go with our articles. As with General Writers we are on the look out for photographers and artists to provide imagery to accompany articles. 

What kind of credit do I get for my contributions?

We will always display your author name on content you've submitted. If you would like to provide a link to your personal website or blog, we are more than happy to display this too. Your contributions will be distributed across our social media and we're more than happy to provide regular contributors with a professional reference.


So what are you waiting for?