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Kindlings is an independent online community magazine made to inspire people to make a positive contribution during their time on Earth.

Each issue we publish at least one article from our 6 different categories. Keep reading find out about what's in each section.


At Kindlings, our content falls under 9 categories. You can find a brief description of each category below to help you figure out where your idea fits best!

Kindlings LIKE | Initiatives for positive change


Meet our heroes. Here we take a look at wonderful initiatives for positive social and environmental change.  

Kindlings LIVE | Stories personal experiences life hacks mental health


Let's get deep! This is where Kindlings DNM. A social discussion about how we can better relate to one another. We tackle social issues and advice about how to handle difficult social situations, including                                         
stories | personal experiences | life hacks | mental health | philosophy | values

Kindlings INQUIRE | News current issues and politics


We talk trending topics and go behind the news, presenting current issues to help readers develop informed opinions. 

Kindlings ACT | Find ways to make a difference



Less talk, more action! This is a place for fellow Kindlings to find ways they can make a difference. Places to go, things to try. Time to create some good! Be it an ethical recipe, an upcycled DIY project, joining a fun run or heading to the blood bank. 

Kindlings INNOVATE | Innovation science & technology for positive social or environmental impact


With the constant advancements in science and technology, let's use innovation for good. From stylish fair trade threads to advancements in renewable energy harvesting, we collect  of innovative ideas for positive social or environmental impact.

Kindlings ASK | Ask your social or ethical questions


From one Kindling to another - We're here to answer the tricky ones. Got a question?

Kindlings RELATE | Social discussion and advice


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